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What Are NFC Business Cards

The Chinese first created traditional business cards. The social elite used them as introduction cards.

What are NFC Business Cards - I'm here

Business cards were the 15th-century version of WhatsApp!

They let people know you were coming over, like sending a WhatsApp or Facebook message today.

I don’t suggest re-inventing the wheel, but 600-year-old technology could use an update, and NFC business cards are that update.

So what are NFC business cards?

Near Field Communications, or NFC, turns your business card into an interactive device to share your business ideas.

They are just like regular business cards in shape and feel but with one big difference: they can be programmed to contain links, trigger events, or store information. When scanned by a smartphone or reader, the NFC chip stores and retrieves data.

Digital Business Cards

What are NFC Business Cards - digital business cards

Digital business cards are a general term that refers to new ways of exchanging information.

Unlike traditional business cards, digital business cards use the latest technology to send contact details, social media accounts, events, and other information in a single message or card.

Various digital business cards are available in the market, each using a different technology to share your contact information. Here are some of the types:

  1. QR Code Business Cards: These digital business cards generate a unique QR code that redirects to a webpage containing the user’s contact details when scanned by a smartphone.
  2. NFC Business Cards: As mentioned above, NFC business cards have a chip that stores the user’s contact information. When an NFC-enabled device comes in close proximity, the data is transferred to the device.
  3. Augmented Reality Business Cards: These business cards use Augmented Reality technology to display a virtual user interface over the card when viewed through a smartphone app.
  4. Digital Business Card Apps: A host of apps allow you to create a digital business card and share it through a QR code, email, text, or social media.
  5. vCard or Virtual Business Cards: These digital files can be attached to emails or messages. When the recipient opens the vCard file, the contact information is stored in their address book.

Each of these digital business cards has unique features and advantages, and the choice largely depends on the level of technology the user and their contacts are comfortable with.

What Are NFC Business Cards

What are NFC Business Cards - NFC Business Cards

An NFC business card uses near-field communication and an NFC tag embedded in the card to store contact information. The user can pre-program the card with their details such as name, job title, company name, address, telephone number, website URL, and email address. When an NFC-enabled device comes close to the card, the information is transferred from the NFC tag to the device.

NFC business cards offer a quick and secure way to exchange contact information, as the user can store multiple profiles on a single card, allowing them to easily switch between different profiles depending on the context of the conversation or meeting.

Benefits of An NFC Business Card

  • Effortless Sharing: An NFC business card streamlines sharing of contact information. A simple NFC-enabled device tap on the card instantly transfers the data.
  • Environmentally Friendly: As these cards are reusable, they contribute to reducing paper waste, aligning with eco-friendly business practices.
  • Dynamic Updates: Information on NFC cards can be updated as needed, ensuring the contact information is always current.
  • Multiple Profiles: NFC cards support numerous profiles, catering to different professional or personal scenarios.
  • High Tech Impression: NFC business cards can help portray a professional, forward-thinking image, potentially impressing clients or partners.
  • Cost-Effective: Over time, an NFC business card can be more cost-effective than regularly printing new paper cards, especially for individuals who frequently update their contact information or branding.
  • Integrations: NFC cards can integrate with various web-based applications for additional functionality.

NFC business cards are an innovative way to store and share contact information, offering the convenience of digital data transfer and the tactile sensation of physical cards. As businesses look for more efficient ways to handle their contact information, NFC business cards provide a reliable solution.

NFC Business Card Design

Several digital business card platforms cater specifically to making the best NFC business cards.

NFC Business Card

Choose the provider that best suits your needs. Here is a list of some of the top NFC business card creators:

  1. Blinq
  2. Mobilo
  3. Popl
  4. V1CE
  5. Linq

Design Considerations

When designing an NFC business card, consider these key factors. First and foremost, decide on a look that best fits your brand identity and industry. Pay attention to the size of the card and the dimensions of the embedded NFC chip. Additionally, ensure you have included all the correct information and that it’s up-to-date before printing or ordering. Finally, be mindful of the card’s layout and ensure it is aesthetically pleasing.

Once your design is complete, you can order a single NFC business card or place an order for multiple cards.

How to Use Your NFC Business Card

What are NFC Business Cards - Networking

Ready to put your NFC digital business card to work at networking events? Here’s how to use it effectively and impress potential connections.

Introduce Yourself and Share Your Card

When introducing yourself, take the time to explain what NFC technology is. Explain how you can collaborate with potential connections by tapping your card against their device.

Tap Your Card Against Their Device

Once you make a connection and exchange contact details, it’s time to tap your card against the other person’s device. If you’re using a compatible digital wallet, such as Android Pay or Apple Pay, explain how they can open it and scan your NFC business card.

Collect Business Cards From Potential Connections

Be sure to collect cards from all potential connections so that you have their contact details stored. If you have an NFC business card, suggest they tap their device against it to exchange contact information securely.

Follow Up With Connections

Follow up and stay in touch with all potential connections you make at networking events. You will develop relationships with people that could benefit your career or business.

Pro Tip: Always keep physical copies of your card handy for those without NFC-enabled devices.

Track Your Networking

Many NFC card providers include an accompanying app that tracks and analyzes your card usage. You can see which cards were scanned the most when they were scanned and from where. This data can help you better understand who is interested in connecting with you and how to maximize your reach at future events.


  1. Total Scans: The number of times people have scanned your card indicates its overall reach.
  2. New vs. Returning Users: This metric helps differentiate between new connections and repeat engagements with existing contacts.
  3. Geographical Distribution: Knowing where your card is being scanned can help you target specific regions or industries more effectively.
  4. Device Types: Understanding the types of devices used to scan your card can inform future design decisions.

Incorporate these insights into your networking strategy to improve the effectiveness of your NFC digital business card and enhance overall engagement with potential contacts.

Continuous monitoring and analysis are essential for adapting to changing trends and maximizing opportunities in today’s fast-paced professional landscape.

Traditional Paper Business Cards vs. NFC Cards

Compared to a traditional business card, an NFC card provide a more interactive and efficient way to exchange contact information.

Furthermore, the insight gained from analytics can help you optimize your networking efforts and reach potential contacts more effectively.

With just one tap, NFC cards allow you to share rich multimedia content, like videos or documents, and showcase your professional portfolio.

By going the extra mile to stand out, you have an advantage. Start building long-term relationships with potential contacts.


Are NFC Business Cards Worth It?

NFC business cards are an innovative and eco-friendly way to share contact information, with benefits like instant data transfer and easy updates.

How Does Near Field Communication Work?

NFC technology allows for seamless communication between two devices when they’re close together. Near-field communication transmits information from one device to another when they are close together. The technology has been used for many years by the banking industry.

An NFC-enabled business card stores contact information on a small chip. Tap the card with an NFC-enabled smartphone to transfer your data.

NFC vs. Digital Business Cards: What’s the Difference?

An NFC business card uses physical interaction to share contact details, while a digital business card can be shared electronically through email, social media, or messaging apps. Some digital business providers include:

Are Digital Business Cards Effective?

Digital business cards are a great way to network, with quick sharing and easy updates, plus the bonus of reducing paper waste and incorporating interactive features like website links or social media profiles.


While traditional paper business cards have served their purpose for centuries, it’s time to take your networking to the next level.

Near Field Communications has revolutionized the way we connect and share contact information. With a simple tap, these unassuming cards can deliver a wealth of information, from contact details to multimedia content, leaving a lasting impression far beyond the initial handshake.

The business world is dynamic, and staying ahead often means embracing new tools and strategies. NFC business cards provide a high-tech edge to professionals seeking to leave a mark.

Upgrade your networking game with NFC digital business cards – a cost-effective and convenient solution for the digital age.

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