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5 Best Free QR Code Generators 2023

QR codes are more than 30 years old!

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So why aren’t you using them yet?

Don’t worry; read on to find the best free QR code generators and use them today!

In 1994, a Japanese company decided it was time to add another dimension to their bar codes to track car parts for production, and the idea for QR codes was born.

It makes a lot of sense. You can store much more information in a square than with many vertical lines.

Since their inception, QR codes have come a long way. You can find them everywhere, from product packaging to billboards and business cards.

They have become a popular way for businesses and organizations to provide customers access to additional information without typing long URLs into their phone browsers and more:

  • Contactless payments
  • Website navigation
  • App downloads
  • WiFi Access
  • Digital business cards
  • vCard QR code
  • Event tickets
  • Virtual stores

So take advantage of QR codes and create your own!

What is a QR Code

A QR code is a two-dimensional barcode that stores data. Initially designed to track parts in automotive manufacturing, they have since become prevalent in marketing and advertising. Qr codes are used on product packaging, websites, billboards, business cards, and magazines.

Static QR Codes

For static QR codes, the generated QR codes cannot be changed. They are best for content that stays the same, like website links and contact information.

Dynamic QR Codes

Dynamic QR codes can be updated. They allow you to track usage and compile analytics on customer interactions. A dynamic code enables you to easily and quickly update the content associated with it.

QR Code Benefits

The main benefit of using a QR code is that it can quickly and easily direct customers to a specific landing page or website without them having to type out the full URL. This means customers are more likely to visit the page and engage with the content, which increases interaction and brand recognition.

5 Best Free QR Code Generators

Read our list to find the best free QR code generator.

  1. Best Overall –
  2. Best For Social – QR Code Monkey
  3. Best Analytics – the-qrcode-generator
  4. Best Ease of Use – GoQR
  5. Best Unlimited – Shopify’s QR Code generator

1 – Best Overall –

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator


  • Fully customizable
  • Multiple QR code types
  • Vector format


  • Tracking is only available with the pro version

The best overall is by Bitly. Its vast array of customization options truly sets it apart. You can customize the QR code design, the color, add frames, and even your business logo. While the free version offers extensive features, upgrading to the pro version unlocks additional perks, such as tracking capabilities and digital business features.

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator - Pro Version

You may choose URL, vCard QR code, Plain Text, Email, SMS, Twitter, WiFi, and Bitcoin. However, these free QR codes are static and can not be edited. You must upgrade to the pro version for dynamic trackable QR codes.

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator - Pro Version (2)

2 – Best For Social – QR Code Monkey

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Monkey


  • Customizable Designs
  • Unlimited QR codes
  • Vector formats


  • Pro version needed for tracking and dynamic QR codes

QR Code Monkey is one of the most popular free online QR code generators, with millions of QR codes created. The free version allows unlimited QR Codes for non-commercial purposes.

QRCode Monkey offers a wide range of design options like rounded edges, colors, and logo upload if you want to add your designs. You can customize the corner elements and body shape or set the pixels for print quality.

Additionally, it provides vector formats like .svg, .pdf, and .eps for better print quality. You can also download the high-resolution QR Code as a .png image file or send it directly to your printer. It is straightforward and offers all the required features for creating attractive and functional QR codes.

3 – Best For Analytics –

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator - dashboard


  • Dynamic QR Codes
  • Analytics


  • Ads displayed on the free version is Beaconstac’s QR code generator and management platform. It’s one of the few generators that combine static and dynamic QR codes in its free plan, giving you access to all QR code types at no cost.

They also offer a paid plan with additional features such as PDF Codes, allowing you to share PDF files and ad-free dynamic QR codes easily.

Beaconstac’s QR code solution also offers advanced analytics features and daily scan statistics so that you can track the performance of your QR codes in real time. It’s an excellent choice for businesses or individuals seeking a reliable and comprehensive QR code solution.

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator - plans

4 – Best Ease of Use-

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator - Create


  • Simple interface
  • 9 QR Code Types


  • Limited customization is a simple-to-use online QR code generator for static QR codes. You can also track your QR code campaigns, embed them directly into your website, link them to Google Analytics, and create custom QR codes.

To create a code, enter the desired data and click “Generate.” You can then download your QR code in various formats or embed it into your website with just one click.

The pro version includes dynamic QR codes but is limited compared to competitors.

Best Free QR Code Generators - QR Code Generator Pricing

5 – Best Unlimited – Shopify’s QR Code generator

Best Free QR Code Generators - Shopify QR Code Generator


  • Unlimited QR Codes
  • Dynamic QR Codes


  • Only 4 Code Types
  • Must receive marketing emails from Shopify

Shopify’s QR Code generator is a service that allows you to create free QR codes without limitations. You can quickly and easily generate four dynamic QR codes for URLs, text, images, or logos. With their QR code generator, you can customize each code with a logo or image to make it stand out. However, when creating the codes, you will be prompted to receive marketing emails from Shopify.

How You Can Use QR Codes

  • Ease of sharing: Share website links, contact details, and social media profiles through a straightforward scan.
  • Promotions & discounts: Encourage customers to take advantage of special offers by scanning your custom-made QR codes on promotional materials like posters and flyers.
  • Data collection: Gather valuable customer data when they scan your codes using their smartphones. This helps you make informed marketing decisions based on real-time insights.

Create Customized QR Codes

Creating customized QR codes is relatively simple with the generators mentioned above.

  1. Step #1: Choose a reliable and user-friendly QR code generator.
  2. Step #2: Select the type of content you want to link (e.g., website URL, contact information, social media profiles).
  3. Step #3:Add custom design elements such as colors, logos, or images representing your brand identity.
  4. Step #4:Create multiple versions of your customized QR code for various marketing materials like business cards, flyers, or banners.

Test Your Customized QR Codes

Last but not least, always test your custom-made QR codes using various devices and scanning apps before sharing them with others.

This ensures compatibility across different platforms and helps you avoid potential hiccups in user experience.

Share Your QR Codes Easily

Once you’ve crafted your custom QR code, it’s time to spread the word.

But how do you make sure everyone can access and use your masterpiece?

Fear not; we have simple yet effective tips for sharing QR codes like a pro.

Use Them on Marketing Materials

Consider adding a QR code when deciding what to put on business cards, flyers, posters, or product packaging.

People can quickly scan the code with their phones to be taken immediately to whatever content you aim for them to see.

Share Them Online

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are great places to showcase your shiny new QR code.

You can include them in email campaigns or embed them on your website or blog posts.

Track and Analyze Your Results

Having crafted your personalized QR codes and distributed them, it’s now time to assess their efficacy.

It’s time to track and analyze their performance to ensure they work effectively for you.

Let me walk you through some key steps:

Step #1: Choose a QR code analytics tool. The best QR code generator will offer built-in analytics, but standalone options are available.

Step #2: Monitor essential metrics such as scan count, unique visitors, location data, device type, etc. This will help you understand how users interact with your codes.

Step #3: Identify trends in user behavior by comparing different periods or locations. Are certain days or times more popular? Is one city outperforming another?

Step #4: Use this data to optimize your marketing efforts. For example, if most scans occur on weekends at specific locations (e.g., events), consider increasing promotion during those times or places.


Is there a truly free QR code generator?

Yes! Many free QR code generators are available. But reading the fine print is essential – many require upgrading or paying for certain features.

What is the best best free QR code generator?

The best one to use depends on what features you need. Some popular free QR code generators include QRCode Monkey and Paid services can offer more features and customization.

What is a dynamic QR code?

A dynamic QR code allows you to track and update the URL it points to without creating a new code. This can be incredibly useful when creating time-sensitive promotions or adjusting the content linked from your code.

What is a static QR code?

A static QR code is a one-time code that cannot be updated. This type of code does not offer tracking or analytics features but can be used when the URL linked from the code will not change over time.

Do I need a mobile device to scan a QR code?

While laptops often have cameras, you will unlikely carry your computer around when scanning a QR code. The purpose of a QR code is to be scanned by a mobile device easily. Therefore, you will need a smartphone or tablet with a camera to scan the code.

Can I track my QR codes?

Yes! Many free QR code generators offer analytics features to track users’ interactions with your codes.

Why shouldn’t you use a free QR code generator?

Free QR code generators can be a great option if you don’t need additional features or customizations. But it might be worth paying for a more feature-rich service if your needs are more complex – for example if you want to track usage metrics, customize the design, or use higher-resolution images. Paying for a service could save you time, money, and headaches in the long run.

Final Thoughts

QR codes are a great tool to help you connect the physical and digital worlds. Their ease of use makes them perfect for bridging the print and digital content gap.

How your take advantage of this technology is limited only by your imagination. Whether you use QR codes to direct customers to your website, add extra security to an access control system, or even create interactive art installations – the possibilities are endless!

No matter what you need them for, choose a reliable QR code generator that fits your requirements. With the right tool, you can create robust QR codes that help you reach a broader audience and build effective campaigns.

Good luck!


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