$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 4

Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 4 – The Clickening

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 4 - The Clickening

More impressions and my first click!!

Well, something is happening, but it’s still a black box.


Who knows what’s driving conversions?

Analytics are sparse, with little insight into what is happening.

The system only updates once a day.

I don’t need real-time updates, but it’s definitely less than I would like.

Also, the desktop and mobile versions don’t agree on what’s happening.

The overall stats in the dashboard don’t agree with the individual stats on the gigs either…

So here’s where it sits.

My first Gig has had some impressions, one click-through, but zero conversions. (not surprising TBH)

How many impressions do I need to get a sale?

According to the all-knowing Google machine

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 4 - Fiverr CTR

A good CTR is 3%

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 4 - Fiverr Conversion Rates

A reasonable conversion rate is 2.5%

This depends on how well you sell your Gig, but assuming I am average, I can use these stats to figure out how many impressions I need before I am likely to get my first sale.

# of impressions/sale = 1 sale/0.03/0.025

# of impressions/sale = 1350 impressions

Now being more realistic, I have zero reviews, so my CTR and conversion rates will be significantly lower.

My sales copy is not too bad, but I’m sure many people are better at it than I am, so let’s assume it’s close to 1% CTR and 1% conversion.

# of impressions/sale = 1/1%/1%

# of impressions/sale = 10,000 Impressions

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 4 - 10000 winner

Probably too conservative, so let’s assume it is somewhere in the middle, say 5,000 impressions.

On my current trajectory, how many days until I get a sale?

In 4 days, I have had 102 impressions.

# of Days to first sale = 5000/100 * 4 = 200 Days 

Or six months!!


Whats With All the B.S. Messges?

Scams are also rampant on Fiverr. The number of spam messages I have received is ridiculous.

I had someone offer me a Japanese translation gig. 3K for 158 pages of work. I was interested for sure.

(not one of my gigs, but I do list conversational Japanese in my profile)

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 4 - Scams are Rampant

Hmm, my spidey sense is going off.

Suddenly they want me to contact them on Telegram.

When I say no, they vanish from the platform…..

I’m on 7 or 8 of these now. I seem to get 1 or 2 a day…

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