$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 3

Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 3 –  The race to the bottom!

So I dropped the price significantly on my first freelance gig yesterday, but nothing new to report.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 3 - Race to the bottom

I hate fighting over the price. It feels like the last lever any business should ever pull. Instead, I would prefer to focus on improving quality and moving up the value chain. But…. getting your first client is always a bit of a different beast. You have to somehow get people in the door, and on Fiverr, there ain’t much else you can do….

I was expecting to see something happen, but the stats don’t seem to update very often on Fiverr. Once a day, perhaps?  Will keep checking it out!

As I was looking through everything, I realized I made a mistake. There was a typo on my GIG image.  This doesn’t help with conversions.  I’ve now fixed that, but that could have had an impact.

Fiverr Gig Photo - Mistake

The game’s name for today is the blue ocean, and honestly, I’m not sure where it is or even how to find it.

My goal is to find a less competitive niche that I can take advantage of to get my first Gig through the door.

So today, I created a new gig in AI, the buzzword of the past year or so.

Like most writers, I use AI.

It makes my work faster, and today the name of the game is speed, so I take advantage of any tool that gives me a leg up on my competition.

All AI content needs to be properly edited. The writing that comes out of an AI is repetitive and boring.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 3 - Gig Cover photo humanize AI
Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 3 – Gig Cover photo humanize AI

I do this for myself, so why not offer this as a service for others?  There is some competition in this niche, but there is probably a lot more traffic and fewer entrenched competitors.

15,000 competitors, my nose tells me this is a super competitive niche.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 3 - AI editing Competition

What I don’t see here is AI editing to rank your content. Personally, that’s what I would be looking for.

Time to create the GIG – These things take 10 – 20 minutes to create from start to finish, so I don’t mind spamming the platform until I get a hit.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 3 - gig price

I’m sticking with my super cheap initial offering strategy to get my foot in the door.

There are tons of people doing this, though, so…

You deal with this in any business, so I’m not surprised. I wish I had more levers to pull rather than waiting for Fiverr to give me a break. This is why I quit my job and started running businesses in the first place. Not a big fan of depending on someone else for my success.

See you in 24 hours with the results of this experiment.

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