$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 2 R1

Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 2

Welcome back to day 2!

$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 2 - Results

My gig is getting impressions, but nothing substantial yet!

$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 2 - Sketchy Requests

After receiving several midnight messages from random people offering me sketchy-looking jobs off of Fiverr, the day has been relatively uneventful.

Seriously who uses the user name Deodorant???

After some online research, I’ve learned that getting your first gig can take up to 45 days!

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - What???

I’m not here to spin my wheels for 45 days waiting for someone to choose my listing randomly.

I’ll be honest with you, this waiting feels like bullshit. If I am finding clients on my own, I can double or triple my outreach and increase my chances. This feels too much like gambling to me!

I need to shake things up a bit.

No one trusts me (understandably). I have zero reviews and random screenshots of my work that anyone could cut and paste from the internet.

It’s time to drum up some social proof!

Fiverr has suggested I take some of their courses to get little badges on my profile. While that sounds interesting, the key here is positive reviews.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Take a Fiverr Course

But I have something more drastic and hopefully faster in mind than social proof badges.

They say giving enough stuff away for free is the best way to show people value. Hell, I often do that when finding clients myself.

I will put my gig on for sale at a super cheap price!

$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 2 - Price Update

Honestly, I don’t care about the money; I want reviews!

I will also let everyone know it’s a limited-time price!

$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 2 - Limited Time Offer

I limited my queue to a maximum of 5 jobs to avoid getting swamped with many cheap orders.

I have written 5 – 6 2K+ word articles a week before, so committing to 5K in words should be doable.

I also extended the delivery time to 5 days; if I get hit with five jobs at once, I will need time to finish the work!

Here we go!

See you in 24 hours, hopefully with a gig lined up!

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