$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 5

Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 5 – Mo Gigs, Mo Impressions

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 5 - Baby Shark
My blue ocean awaits!

I’ve been using AI to supplement and speed up my writing for over a year.

I used it to help me write a Twitter bot that grabs my written tweets from an Excel spreadsheet and posts them on Twitter (I haven’t genuinely programmed since high school and never in Python).

Am I skilled with chatGPT and AI prompts? Enough that I can help others use the tool better for sure.

So after yesterday’s realization that the current trajectory will take six months for my first sale, I’m going for the shotgun approach!

I’ve seen a few articles about AI prompt engineers getting paid a shit ton of money. Someone must be looking for this service on Fiverr.

A quick search and I’m not the only one thinking this is an opportunity!

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 5 - AI prompt Gig

But 500 gigs is significantly less than the 15,000 for updating AI content.

Also, this is a one-and-done gig. I can create tons of templates and sell them one at a time for use over and over again by others.

It also means that I will have to keep improving my AI prompts so that the competition doesn’t catch up to me when I write future content for myself or my clients.

I’ve got this creating Gig thing down now.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 5 - AI prompt competition

The new gig is up and running within 15 minutes. At least I’m not required to write an English test for this one.

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 5 - AI prompt Gig live

Impressions/gig/day = 15
4 gigs means – Impressions per day = 45

Days to the first sale = 111

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