$0 to $10K on Fiverr - Day 1 R1

Fiverr $0 to $10K – Day 1

If you’ve read some of my articles or glanced at my home page, you know I talk a lot about making money online and preach the idea of time and location independence.

I have tried Fiverr but got fed up depending on an algorithm to get clients. I much prefer doing my outreach, where I can ramp up or down depending on how much work I want to do.

I have and continue to run physical businesses and have had several online ventures. I have owned and operated hotels, we currently own a restaurant, and I run 3 websites.

As a freelancer, I have done SEO consulting for small businesses, and in the past 2 years, I have written over 300 articles for my own site and other publications.

Many freelancers start their journey on Fiverr, and honestly, I’ve seen one too many news articles about people making 300K a year on Fiverr.

I’ve decided to put my money (time) where my mouth is and give Fiverr another shot.

The goal of this experiment? To get to $10K in Fiverr sales as quickly as possible. With the following rules:

  • No black hat tactics to speed things up (I’m talking fake reviews, business off-site, etc.)
  • No social sharing to get gigs (I can’t use my current network or outreach to drive sales)

I will be reporting my progress daily, and you can follow along!

How Exactly Do I Do This?

Search Google for the top Paying Fivver Gigs

Google search Fiverr quick money

Hmm, Copywriting?

Not sure yet; let’s search again

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Google seach

I don’t want just money; I want ROI, the most money possible for the least time invested! I still have to get my daily gaming fix in while becoming a freelance millionaire like this guy!

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Freelance millionaire

Hmm, still not the answers I want to hear. I’m going to have to invest some time upskilling if I’m going to make any of those work!

Perplexity.ai to the Rescue

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Perplexity_ai search

It’s number 15 on this list, but hell, I know how to do it.

I have been writing blogs for sites for the past couple of years, and I figure why not sell this as a service on Fiverr and see how far I can make this go.

Worst case, I crash and burn and have to pivot.

Signing Up For Fiverr

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Fiverr Homepage

Step 1 – Create an Account

I signed in using Google and created a username Mike_H_

I am a writer!

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Writer it is

Start Selling?

Yes, please, show me the money!! Why else would I be Here?

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Show Me the Money

What Makes a Successful Fiverr Profile – My pretty Mug, of course! We all know a pretty face is the key to success!

Step 2 – Create A Profile

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Set Up Fiverr Profile

Step 3 – Create My First Gig

With some help from ChatGPT and some elbow grease, my profile is up, and it’s time to create my first gig.

After analyzing some of the competitors, I pick a mid-range price and add as much social proof as possible. I don’t want to scrape the bottom of the barrel, but I do need to entice people into the door.

(This is definitely not a blue ocean, there is blood in the water, and I’m swimming with sharks).

I think I should add a second GIG for SEO, but that will be tomorrow’s project.

Pictures are with a thousand words!

Time to hammer home my value proposition with some fandy dandy Canva graphics.

Luckily I use Canva for business and have a premium account. (one of the best investments I have made!)

No Fiverr Templates?  You have to be kidding! Canva, what are you doing?

Alright, here we go from scratch (to use my own photo or not?  My photo sux, stock image it is)

A few images for social proof, and the GIG is live!!

What’s next? Do I just wait???

Fiverr $0 to $10K - Day 1 - Hurry Up and wait

That seems ineffectual, but it also sounds like tomorrow’s problem.

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