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5 Best Nomad Health Insurance Plans – 2023

Finding the best nomad health insurance can be challenging. The right plan that will cover you worldwide, wherever your feet may wander, is essential. When outside your home country, an emergency can be scary and expensive. You will have a safety net and peace of mind with the right global coverage that will cover you in whichever city you choose to visit.

Things to consider before purchasing insurance for digital nomads

  • Worldwide coverage – Some providers will ask you to select the country where you want travel insurance coverage. You may also notice that the price of your insurance policy increases if you include certain countries, like the USA, Hong Kong, Japan, or Singapore. Healthcare in these countries tends to be more expensive, which is why the policy costs more. If you’re not planning on working in any of these countries, buying a policy that excludes them is cheaper. However, if you anticipate traveling worldwide frequently, you should choose a more comprehensive policy.
  • Coverage in your home country – If you decide to return to your home country briefly during your digital nomadism, you’ll want to check if your international policy will still cover you. Often, these insurance policies provide coverage in one’s home country for three or six months, though it depends on the provider. Instead of having to purchase a new policy every time you leave again for travel, this benefit allows some flexibility and peace of mind.
  • Pre-existing conditions – Although more expensive, choose a policy that covers pre-existing conditions if you have any.
  • Travel benefits – Many international health insurance policies only cater to medical needs without including travel benefits such as coverage for loss of personal belongings or stolen or damaged laptops or cameras. For digital nomads who rely heavily on their tech equipment, finding a policy that offers coverage or add-ons for these items is essential.

You want to ensure that you are covered no matter where you are in the world and that you don’t have to break the bank. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the best digital nomad insurance providers.

Pack your bags with peace of mind with one of the insurance plans below!

What Are The Best Nomad Health Insurance Plans?

Here is our ranked and reviewed list of the best digital nomad health insurance plans.

The 5 Best Nomad Health Insurance Plans

  1. Best Overall – World Nomads
  2. Best For Flexible Travel – Safetywing
  3. Best Comprehensive Service – Insured Nomads
  4. Best for Multiple Short Trips – IMG Global Multi-Trip
  5. Best Nomad Insurance Broker – Nomads Insure

Policies are subject to change; before purchasing, contact the travel insurance provider and read the policy documentation.

1) Best Overall – World Nomads

Best Nomad Insurance - World Nomads
World Nomads provides travel insurance for travelers in over 100 countries. As an affiliate, we receive a fee
when you get a quote from World Nomads using this link. We do not represent World Nomads. This is
information only and not a recommendation to buy travel insurance.

Key Features 

  • Inpatient Care: Yes
  • Outpatient Care: No
  • Emergency Transportation: No
  • Mental Health Care: No
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Not
  • Travel Benefits: Yes
  • Coverage in Home Country: No

The best part about being a digital nomad is that you can work from anywhere worldwide. With a laptop, the possibilities for where to work and live are endless. World Nomads travel insurance company knows this, which is why they have designed digital nomad insurance plans to adapt to your flexible lifestyle. You can buy a policy for up to 180 days at a time (or several plans for continuous coverage) and even purchase your travel insurance post-departure.

Being in an unfamiliar place can be scary, but going through a crisis alone is even worse. That’s why World Nomads has a 24/7 Emergency Assistance team. If you find yourself in urgent need of help, don’t hesitate to reach out. They can offer referrals for hospitals and doctors, get you negotiated rates, notify your family on your behalf, and even ensure you have food delivered to your hospital room if necessary.

2) Best For Flexible Travel – Safetywing

Best Nomad Insurance - Safetywing

Key Features 

  • Inpatient Care: Yes
  • Outpatient Care: No
  • Emergency Transportation: Amublance
  • Mental Health Care: No
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: No
  • Travel Benefits: Yes
  • Coverage in Home Country: 30 Days Incidental

The internet has allowed many people to create lives outside the conventional path. The first group of people to capitalize on this opportunity were digital nomads, but now remote work is making this lifestyle more popular. SafetyWing’s products are crafted and designed by a remote team of digital nomads across three continents. SafetyWing was created to support other like-minded individuals by providing an adaptable safety net for anyone around the world.

SafetyWing’s insurance is a monthly subscription service that automatically extends every 28 days until you pick an end date. After 90 days abroad, your coverage will cover you for up to 30 days in your home country (15 in the U.S.).

SafetyWing’s medical assistance plan includes provisions for travel delay, lost checked luggage, emergency response, natural disasters, and personal liability. With this coverage plan, if something unexpected happens to you, like falling sick or getting injured while abroad, they will cover eligible medical expenses, such as hospitalization fees, doctor visit fees, or the costs of prescription drugs.

3) Best Comprehensive Service – Insured Nomads

Best Nomad Insurance - Insured Nomads
Insured Nomads

Key Features 

  • Inpatient Care: Yes
  • Outpatient Care: Yes
  • Emergency Transportation: Yes
  • Mental Health Care: Yes
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Yes, if declared
  • Travel Benefits: No
  • Coverage in Home Country: Up to 3 months

Insured Nomads has the most comprehensive coverage for digital nomads, with two options: Preferred and Preferred Plus. The plans cover emergency medical care, routine doctor visits and specialist consultations, basic dental and vision care, prescription drugs, and more. Insured Nomads is the best choice for digital nomads who need comprehensive insurance coverage that isn’t limited by geography. With Insured Nomads, you can have peace of mind wherever your lifestyle takes you.

4) Best for Multiple Short Trips – IMG Global Multi-Trip

Best Nomad Insurance - World Nomads
World Nomads

Key Features

  • Inpatient Care: Yes
  • Outpatient Care: Yes
  • Emergency Transportation: Yes
  • Mental Health Care: No
  • Pre-Existing Conditions: Yes
  • Travel Benefits: Yes
  • Coverage in Home Country: No

For digital nomads, IMG Global Multi-Trip provides the best coverage for multiple destination trips. With a single plan offering coverage across multiple countries and various medical benefits, it is an ideal digital nomad insurance solution if you are constantly moving. It’s peace of mind in an uncertain world.

IMG offers two Patriot Multi-Trip plans with a complete package of international benefits accessible 24/7. The Patriot Multi-Trip International is designed for U.S. citizens who make several trips in a year outside the U.S. The Patriot Multi-Trip America is meant for non-U.S. citizens with yearly travel plans outside their country of residence. Both programs cover you, your spouse, and your dependent childer for any trips for 12 months.

IMG has international, multilingual customer service representatives available 24/7 to answer any questions you have. Their claims administrators speak virtually every language and are experts in processing claims worldwide. If you need emergency medical services or treatment, the highly qualified coordinators will be there for you around the clock.

5) Best Nomad Insurance Broker

Best Nomad Insurance - Nomads Insure
Nomads Insure

Nomad Insure is an insurance company that specializes in plans and services for digital nomads. They offer international health packages, travel insurance, and coverage for disabilities and gear. They are avid supporters of an adventurous lifestyle and help their clients pick the best policy for their needs. They also operate as personal attorneys and legal advisors when making a claim.

This insurance company was founded by digital nomads with over 40 years of combined experience in the industry. They know best what digital nomads need and strive to offer the best services and coverage.

If you frequently travel for work or pleasure or live in a foreign country, Nomad Insure can help you find the right type of coverage. They offer short-term policies for those who only need protection for a few weeks or months and long-term health insurance coverage for ex-pats.

Nomad Insurance Guide

Why do digital nomads need international health insurance?

Travelers may forgo health insurance when they travel, but someone who plans to live outside their home country needs health insurance. For one, it is costly to obtain medical treatment internationally.

Health Insurance Saves Money

In some nations, health insurance is mandatory. The cost of medical care out-of-pocket can be prohibitive even with simple services, especially for those who telework in the U.S., where the healthcare systems have become virtually private. In the cases where insurance requirements are required, the healthcare cost may be pretty high.

Types of Nomad Insurance

Travel insurance providers have three main categories of nomad insurance. They are :

  • Travel insurance – This type of coverage is best for those traveling for short durations.
  • Travel Health Insurance – This type of insurance is best for those who plan to be away from home for more extended periods and want to cover their medical expenses while abroad.
  • International Health Insurance – This type of coverage is best for those who plan on living in a foreign country for an extended period and need more comprehensive health coverage.

Travel Insurance

While cheap, this is essentially trip cancellation insurance. Generally, travel insurance does not cover health emergencies unless they occur while you are in transit.

Digital Nomads should look for health insurance plans that cover their health expenses while living abroad. With the best nomad health insurance, you’ll have access to medical treatment and repatriation back home if necessary. I only recommend travel insurance for Nomads if they plan on spending only a short time abroad.

Travel Health Insurance

Travel health insurance provides travel as well as medical coverage. Usually, these plans cover emergencies and repatriation expenses but do not cover everyday medical expenses like check-ups, mental health, and dental. They also typically exclude pre-existing conditions. These plans can be best for digital nomads who are away from home for a short period and still have access to healthcare in their home country. Most programs are cheaper than international health insurance but have more benefits restrictions.

International health insurance

International health insurance is comparable to insurance you would get in your own country. It has the best medical coverage and a network of doctors and hospitals. It may also include some travel insurance, depending on the specific plan. It’s the best choice if you’re a digital nomad who plans on traveling for an extended period. The downside is that it tends to be more expensive than other types of digital nomad insurance, but given its benefits, it may be worth it for long-term travelers.

Digital Nomad Insurance Cost

Insurance for digital nomads can become pricey, costing anywhere from $40 to over $500 monthly. Plans range from simple travel insurance to comprehensive plans that may include pre-existing medical conditions and outpatient services.

How to Save Money on Insurance as a Digital Nomad

Here are some tips to save on insurance as a digital nomad:

  • Only get insurance for where you will be traveling. 
  • Buy extra benefits only if you need them.
  • Consider setting a higher deductible. 
  • See if you qualify for insurance in your current country.
  • Opt for travel insurance if you will be traveling short-term. 


Is long-term travel insurance really necessary?

Long-term travel health insurance is recommended if you live outside of your home country for an extended period of time. Whether working a remote job or as an expat you should have proper coverage.

Why can’t digital nomads use travel insurance instead of international health insurance?

Travel insurance covers your travel plans but does not provide sufficient coverage for health emergencies that can occur when you live internationally.

Which travel health insurance is best?

The best digital nomad insurance depends on your individual needs. Some good travel insurance companies to look into include World Nomads, Safetywing, Insured Nomads, and IMG.

Do I need nomad health insurance?

Yes, if you are a digital nomad, it’s essential to have adequate health coverage as you may not be covered by your home country’s insurance while abroad.

Do digital nomads need repatriation coverage?

Yes, if you are a digital nomad and plan to be away from home for an extended period, it is best to have repatriation coverage in case of an emergency. This will cover the cost of getting you back home if necessary.

What is the difference between travel insurance and travel health insurance?

Travel insurance is best for short-term travelers who do not need comprehensive medical expenses coverage. It protects against travel disruptions and inconveniences but does not provide long-term health coverage. Travel health insurance typically provides extra coverage for medical expenses while abroad and repatriation in an emergency.

Does travel insurance include health?

Not necessarily; it depends on the travel insurance company and plan. Check with the insurance provider to confirm what is included in each program.

Final Thoughts

Insurance for digital nomads is a great way to ensure you have access to the best medical coverage while traveling abroad. Make sure you look for the best nomad health insurance plan that covers your needs and fits your budget. If you are planning on traveling long-term, opting for a comprehensive health insurance plan that provides the best coverage is best. Finally, there are some ways to save money on digital nomad insurance, like shopping around and only buying the benefits you need. Finding the best nomad health insurance is essential for every digital nomad.

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