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7 Best Banks For Digital Nomads 2023

Living the life of a digital nomad is an exciting and rewarding experience, but it also has its challenges, especially with banking and insurance. When considering the Best Banks For Digital Nomads, it’s important to consider — global access, low monthly fees, good customer service, and flexible services.

Whether running an online business or working a remote job, using traditional banks from a foreign city can be a real hassle. Even with online banking, some basic services still need you to show up in person. Conventional banks charge high, exorbitant fees for international exchanges and international bank transfers. I’ve experienced this firsthand while living in Japan. Banking in your home country while living abroad is onerous.

Luckily for digital nomads and ex-pats alike, fintech companies have recognized the problem and are developing solutions to help nomads better automate and liberate their lives. Enter challenger banks. These new financial institutions are working to bridge the gap. They provide banking services for digital nomads with their modern, mobile-first approach and global access.

So, without further ado, let’s look at some of the best banks for digital nomads.

What Makes a Good Bank For a Digital Nomad?

  • Global access
  • Low fees
  • Good customer service
  • Flexible services
  • Multiple Currencies

So without further ado, let’s get started!

What Are The Best Banks For Digital Nomads?

Here is our ranked and reviewed list of the best banks for digital nomads.

The 7 Best Banks For Digital Nomads

  1. Best Overall – Wise
  2. Best for Mobile – Revolut
  3. Best in Europe – N26
  4. Best for Online Business Owners – Payoneer
  5. Best For Ease of Use – Monese
  6. Best For Sustainability – Bunq
  7. Best For Impact Investors – Tomorrow

1) Best Overall – Wise

best banks for digital nomads - Wise


  • Best exchange rates with no hidden fees
  • Receive payments like a local in 10 currencies
  • Hold 52 currencies in one bank account


Wise started as an international money transfer company but has expanded into a full-fledged financial service provider. It is ideal for digital nomads because it provides competitive fees, multiple currencies, and bank account access in more than 175 countries.

It’s ideal for nomads looking to take advantage of global arbitrage. Get paid in U.S. dollars and spend in one of the other 52 currencies. All from the same account. When you bill clients, they pay directly into a Wise U.S. bank account with minimal fees. Transfer/Exchange to your foreign currency bank account instantaneously on Wise and spend locally. There are minimal fees, and the process is next to painless.

With the Wise Visa debit/credit card, bank like a local and pay minimal atm fees for withdrawals. The card will automatically pull from your preferred balance in local funds, saving you the time and hassle of having to perform international transfers.

2) Best For Mobile – Revolut

best banks for digital nomads - Revolut


  • Low-cost transactions in multiple currencies
  • Instant transfers to other Revolut users
  • Investment opportunities at a fraction of the cost
  • Buy and sell cryptocurrency


Revolut is a UK-based financial technology company. It offers over 30 currencies, low fees for transfers, a prepaid card for everyday spending, and investment opportunities. Payments can be sent through instant messaging platforms or using QR codes. It also offers entrepreneurs and freelancers a digital wallet and an in-app business bank account.

The business account gives you access to virtual and physical cards for your team, and you can control who, what, and when they spend. You can also set spending limits and view all transactions in real time. A business account will earn 1.5% cashback on all transactions.

3) Best in Europe – N26

best banks for digital nomad - N26


  • N26 on-demand insurance
  • Cashback on business accounts
  • Automated rules for saving
  • Spend tracking


N26 is the Best Bank in Europe for Digital Nomads. It offers users a free bank account, a virtual Mastercard, Apple Pay/Google Pay compatibility, and access to N26 Smart and Spaces. The bank is a fully certified German banking institution which adds peace of mind. With these features, N26 continues to be one of the best banks for digital nomads — providing an easy way to manage their finances on the go. Best of all, N26 gives users complete control over their money plus offers helpful insights and budgeting tools to reach financial goals. If you’re a digital nomad looking for a bank that can keep up with your needs, N26 is perfect.

An N26 business account makes it easy for you to manage your finances. With powerful features like Statistics, Rules, and Spaces sub-accounts, you can track expenses on the go, save automatically, bank remotely 24/7, and get help with tax returns and invoicing. Best of all, you’ll earn cashback on every card purchase—giving your digital nomad budget a boost!

4) Best for Online Business Owners – Payoneer

best banks for digital nomad - Payoneer


  • Best-in-class multi-currency banking
  • Bank accounts in multiple currencies
  • Low fees and competitive foreign exchange rates
  • Access to a global payments network
  • Professional support with personalized customer service
  • Easy-to-use online platform for managing finances


Payoneer is a digital platform that provides online business owners with financial services and solutions. They offer international payment processing, simplified cash flow management, and access to working capital. Best of all, it’s tailored specifically for digital nomads!

Targeted towards online business owners, they offer the convenience of international payments and cash flow management for digital entrepreneurs. Payoneer offers local receiving accounts with bank account numbers in multiple currencies, including EUR, USD, GBP, and more, to make life easier. They also provide a Billing Service that makes it easy to request payments from clients worldwide.

5) Best For Ease of Use – Monese

best banks for digital nomads - Monese


  • Easy setup with instant top-ups
  • Protection for bills and purchases
  • Credit builder to build your credit score
  • Transfer money in multiple currencies
  • Built-in budgeting tools


Monese is a digital app designed for nomads who need to manage their finances efficiently and quickly. Offering GBP, EUR, and RON accounts in minutes, Monese also provides instant top-ups, built-in bills, purchase protection, and a simple credit builder. The app allows you to open online money accounts in multiple currencies and send and receive money instantly. Additionally, Monese offers protection for the bills and purchases you pay through your bank account and easy budgeting tools to help keep you on track. All this makes Monese one of the best banks for digital nomads.

6) Best For Sustainability – Bunq

Best Bank for Digital Nomads - Bunq


  • Carbon offsetting with every payment
  • Budget and save, automatically
  • 3D secure payments
  • Biometric ID


Bunq has several bank account options, but the Easy Green account is the most interesting, which is designed to help digital nomads offset their CO2 emissions while they spend. With this account, a tree is planted each time you spend €100, reducing your carbon footprint. The account also offers budgeting tools and sub-accounts that can be used to organize spending. And with its instant updates, 3D secure payments, and biometric ID, you can rest assured that your money is safe. Best of all, the Deposit Guarantee Scheme protects your deposits up to €100.000. The Easy Green account does have higher monthly fees.

Bunq is an excellent choice for digital nomads who want to travel and bank responsibly with their finances.

7) Best For Impact Investors – Tomorrow

Best Bank For Digital Nomads - Tomorrow


  • Sustainable banking
  • Insights give you a clear overview of your finances
  • Withdraw money worldwide and pay free of charge. Everywhere where Visa is approved.
  • Quick and easy mobile payments with Apple Pay & Google Pay


Tomorrow gives digital nomads the tools they need to manage their finances sustainably. From mobile banking & payment services to investing and more, financial freedom is made easy with Tomorrow. Best of all, using your money through Tomorrow means taking positive action to support a sustainable future.

Tomorrow offers impact investors the opportunity to put their money where their heart is. Their investment product, the Tomorrow Better Future Stocks Fund, allows you to invest in companies with a positive environmental and social impact. With its low entry threshold, even small investors can make an impact without hidden fees or complicated paperwork.

Tomorrow is the perfect choice for digital nomads who want to use their money for good.

Banking For Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Banking Problem

Traditional banks serve nomads poorly, if at all. They often require a fixed address and other paperwork to open an account.

Digital nomads need banks that are accessible, secure, and flexible enough to meet their needs no matter where they go. Transferring money internationally through friends and family at home is risky and inconvenient. Currency exchange rates are poor, and foreign transaction fees can eat into your savings.

Getting a local bank account is possible but often fraught with challenges and excessive paperwork and, depending on how often you plan to move, sometimes impossible. Challenger banks and digital online banking have attempted to solve the problem. It used to be the norm to have a Paypal account to deal with travel-related income and expenses, but now there are more specialized solutions tailored to the needs of the digital nomad. If you frequently travel, keeping up with your banking can take time and effort. The best nomad bank can do many things and use different currencies to avoid having a massive fee schedule.

Banks For Digital Nomads vs. Traditional Banks

Traditional banks have their place and are the backbone of the financial system. Many challenger banks rely on conventional institutions to provide their customers with local bank accounts and other fundamental banking solutions. However, traditional banks do not offer convenient services for a digital nomad life, the one exception being Charles Schwab bank which refunds international ATM fees. You must, however, be in the United States to open an account, and it still suffers from many of the same challenges that affect other traditional institutions.

A local bank account is excellent if you only live in one country. But better services are required for those with a mobile, multi-country lifestyle.

Digital banks strongly focus on mobile technology, providing convenient and secure access to banking services from anywhere in the world. It is not just online banking but also includes a prepaid debit card and other payment solutions that make life easier for digital nomads.

Benefits of digital banking

A digital bank is the best banking option for digital nomads. They offer low fees, easy access to multi-currency accounts, and many more features that make them ideal for travelers. Best of all, you don’t need to be tech-savvy to use these services – they’re designed with convenience in mind. With a digital nomad bank account, you can open an account in minutes, access your money from anywhere in the world, and monitor your finances anytime.

No matter where you’re traveling, a digital bank offers nomads a safe and secure way to manage their money abroad. So if you’re looking for the best bank for digital nomads – look no further!

No Foreign Transaction Fees

Foreign transaction fees are a headache and should be a problem of the past. 3%-5% foreign transaction fees seem ridiculous in this day and age. Neo banks have found solutions to get around this by creating banks in multiple regions and countries, which allows you to bank locally.

Handle Everything Online

As a digital nomad, you will be on the move. You want to be able to manage your bank account through online banking as much as possible. The best digital bank account is accessible anywhere from your phone.

24 Hour Support

When you travel through multiple time zones and countries, you never know when your bank account might need assistance. Find a bank that offers 24/7 customer service through the web, email, or telephone, so you can get help whenever and wherever you are.

How can I protect my digital nomad bank account?

Digital nomad banking is very secure, and many of the best banks offer two-factor authentication. Digital banks are registered as financial institutions and adhere to all relevant regulations. They offer liability insurance and full encryption of all data to ensure the safety and security of your account.


Which are the best digital bank accounts?

The best bank for digital nomads depends on their individual needs and preferences. Some of the best banks for digital nomads include N26, Revolut, Wise, Payoneer, Monese, Bunq, and Tomorrow. These banks offer unique features that may benefit digital nomads, such as multi-currency banking, budgeting tools, and even carbon offsetting. It is essential to research each of these banks to find the one that best suits your needs.

Which bank is best for non-residents?

Monese is an excellent option for people who have moved internationally and are looking for banking services. Monese offers a range of banking and financial products tailored to the needs of non-residents, such as multi-currency accounts, international payments, budgeting tools, and more.

Which bank is best for ex-pats?

Wise is an excellent option for ex-pats looking for banking services. Wise offers a range of products tailored to ex-pats’ needs, such as multi-currency accounts, budgeting tools, and more.

Final Thoughts

Finding the right bank for digital nomads can be challenging, but it doesn’t have to be. With the proper knowledge and research, you can make an informed decision that will benefit your finances in the long run. Whether you are looking for multi-currency banking, budgeting tools, or impact investing – there is a bank perfect for you. Best of all, many banks offer low-cost or free accounts to get started. So start your search, find the bank that best suits your needs and get packing for your life as a digital nomad.

Happy banking!

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