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7 Best Digital Nomad Backpacks 2023

Whether traveling around the world or just stopping off for a few days having the right backpack matters. The best digital nomad backpacks make your life easier, while the worst bags can make travel an absolute nightmare.

I have spent countless hours traveling between continents and across countries on trains, planes, and automobiles, and I know what makes a good backpack. Whichever city you plan to visit, when packing for your trip, you want to ensure you have the best bag possible!

What to Look For in a Nomad Backpack

When choosing the best backpack for your digital nomad travels, there are some key features you should consider:

  • Comfort: A nomad backpack should be comfortable to carry for long stretches. Ideally, the bag should have adjustable straps and a hip belt to help distribute weight evenly. Design: Look for a nomad backpack with multiple compartments to keep your items organized and easily accessible. The bag should also offer plenty of storage space and durable fabric that can withstand the wear and tear of nomadic life.
  • Size: Choose a nomad backpack that fits your body type, height, and lifestyle. With too much or too little storage capacity, you can’t take enough or risk overpacking and missing out on valuable items.
  • Weight: A nomad backpack should be lightweight for ease of carrying. Look for a pack with a lightweight yet durable material, such as nylon, to reduce the overall weight.
  • Laptop/Electronics Compatible: This is an absolute must. Your nomad backpack should have a dedicated laptop compartment to keep your computer and electronics safe and secure.

Without further ado, let’s get started!

What Is The Best Digital Nomad Backpack?

Here is our ranked and reviewed list of the best digital Noma backpacks.

The 5 Best Digital Nomad Backpacks

  1. Best Overall – Nomatic Travel Pack V2
  2. Best Budget – Osprey Farpoint & Fairview 40
  3. Best For Light Travel – Tropicfeel Nest
  4. Best Minimalist – Peak Design Travel Backpack
  5. Best For Adventurers – Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L
  6. Best For Photographers – Peak Design Everyday V2 20L
  7. Best For Long Trips – Nomatic Travel Bag V2 40L

1) Best Overall – Nomatic Travel Pack V2

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best Overall - Nomatic Travel Pack V2
Best Overall – Nomatic Travel Pack V2


  • Size: 20L – 30L
  • Weight: 4.16lb
  • Electronics Compartment: 15″ Laptop + 13″ tablet
  • Trip Length: 1 – 3 Days


The Nomatic Travel Pack V2 is the best backpack for frequent travelers. It’s expandable design and comfortable straps make it great for carrying heavy loads long distances. It also features a 15″ wide laptop compartment that is TSA-ready, as well as hidden and RFID-safe pockets, a shoe compartment, and a magnetic water bottle pocket. A roller bag loop is integrated into the back of this nomad backpack, allowing you to attach it to your rolling luggage easily. The pack has over 20 pockets and mesh dividers to separate your clothing from your gear. It also comes with a sunglasses case. This paci is the perfect digital nomad backpack for shorter 1-3 day long trips and frequent travel.



2) Best Budget – Osprey Farpoint & Fairview 40L

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best Budget - Osprey Farpoint & Fairview 40
Best Budget – Osprey Farpoint & Fairview 40


  • Size: 40L
  • Weight: 4.234 lbs & 3.486 lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: 15″ Laptop
  • Trip Length: 3 – 7 Days


The Osprey Fairpoint(men’s) and Fairview(women’s) packs are ideal for digital nomads on a budget. They offer the same features as more expensive packs but with an affordable price tag. Both models include a laptop and tablet sleeve, internal organization pockets, and durable fabrics in high-wear areas. The hip belt and stowaway harness with chest straps are adjustable for a comfortable fit on any size body and include a load-lifting LightWire frame. In addition, the Farpoint & Fairview are equipped with a mesh back panel for breathability and comfort while carrying heavy loads. These nomad backpacks are perfect for travelers who need to keep their costs down but don’t want to sacrifice features or quality.

Whether you’re spending 3-7 days on the road, the Osprey Farpoint & Fairview will get you there in style and at a reasonable price.



3) Best For Light Travel – Tropicfeel Nest

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best For Light Travel - Tropicfeel Nest
Best For Light Travel – Tropicfeel Nest


  • Size: 16L – 20L (kangaroo)
  • Weight: 2.43lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: 16″ Laptop
  • Trip Length: 1 – 3 days


The Tropicfeel Nest is the best backpack for light traveling. It has just enough room to store all your essentials while still being lightweight and comfortable. The main compartment fits a 16″ laptop, along with other personal items like clothing and toiletries. The kangaroo pocket adds 4L of storage space, allowing you to pack more things. The Spider Net System is detachable, which adds extra room for your belongings, and the weatherproof materials ensure that everything stays protected against the elements. It also comes with customizable modular add-ons and adjustable straps so you can customize it to fit all your nomad needs. The pack integrates several exciting ideas, including the 5L compression packing cube and the 10L smart packing cube for packing clothes. Photographers will enjoy the Camera Cube XL, a durable, customizable, and functional storage space for camera equipment. With the Tropicfeel Nest nomad backpack, you will have enough room for all your travels.

The pack caters more to urban travelers. It’s not ideal for long hikes or strenuous activities as it lacks a proper hip belt and minimal padding on the shoulder straps. It also doesn’t come with a rain cover, so you’ll need to purchase one separately if you’re expecting a heavy downpour. However, this backpack is perfect for quick trips and your nomadic lifestyle. With all the features included, it offers excellent value for money.

You can pair the pack with the 40L lift roller travel bag for an entire travel system.



4) Best Minimalist – Peak Design Travel Backpack

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best Minimalist - Best Minimalist - Peak Design Travel Backpack
Best Minimalist – Peak Design Travel Backpack


  • Size: 30 – 45L
  • Weight: 4.5lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: 16″ Laptop
  • Trip Length: 3 – 7 days


When you purchase the Peak Design Travel Backpack, you buy more than just a bag; you get a complete travel system. This feature-laden bag offers the digital nomad a reliable, comfortable, high-performing bag with many features. This bag provides 30-45L of space, ideal for multi-day trips away from home. It also has a dedicated 16″ laptop compartment for added convenience and protection for your tech devices. The Peak Design Travel Backpack also comes equipped with its signature MagLatch Closure system, which is easy to use and secure. Other features include a luggage pass-through, stowable straps, and expandable side pockets for carrying tripods or water bottles. If you want the ultimate nomad bag, this pack offers excellent organization, space, and design. The bag is compatible with all of Peak Designs’ travel and camera gear, like the packing and camera cubes, as well as their camera clip.

The only issue we have with this pack is the side handle for duffle bag carry needs to be more comfortable.

If you’re looking for a Less feature-rich pack at a similar size, consider the CabinZero ADV PRO, which has a very comfortable harness, shoulder straps, and lots of storage room.



5) Best For Adventurers – Osprey Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best For Adventurers - Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L
Best For Adventurers – Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L


  • Size: 55L, 50L
  • Weight: 4.2lbs 4.1lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: bladder compartment
  • Trip Length: 5-9 days


The Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L are all-in-one nomad backpacks designed for adventure. They feature durable construction from 100% recycled, bluesign® approved fabrics and an adjustable back panel to provide a custom fit and maximum airflow. You can easily pack your belongings with the luggage-style front-panel opening and keep them safe with the included protective AirCover®. It also has a hydration compartment, sleeping bag straps, and hip belt pockets for extra storage. The Farpoint & Fairview Trek is compatible with their Travel Daypack or Daylite packs, giving additional cargo options for extended trips. Whether traveling or backpacking, the Farpoint & Fairview Trek 55L is an ideal nomad backpack.



6) Best For Photographers – Peak Design Everyday V2 30L

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best For Photographers - Peak Design Everyday V2 20L
Best For Photographers – Peak Design Everyday V2 20L


  • Size: 30L
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: 16″ Laptop
  • Trip Length: 1-3


The Peak Design Everyday Backpack V2 30L is for photographers who need to carry a lot of gear and stay organized. It features two side-access zippers, an expandable top with MagLatch hardware for quick access, an adjustable laptop sleeve, internal dividers for organization, external carry straps, a sternum strap, and a stowable waist belt. The recycled nylon double-coated canvas construction will keep your gear safe and dry in any weatherproof. The 30L bag has plenty of space for carrying a full-frame DSLR, lenses, accessories, a laptop, tablets, and more. With its adjustable comfort features and secure internal and external carry options, this travel backpack is an excellent choice for digital nomads who need to stay organized and mobile.

The highly customizable dividers, straps, and pockets make it an excellent choice for photographers needing multiple cameras, lenses, and accessories. As a bonus, the backpack is Carry-on compatible with most airlines, so you can easily travel with your gear.



7) Best For Long Trips – Nomatic Travel Bag V2 40L

Best Digital Nomad Backpacks - Best For Long Trips - Nomatic Travel Bag V2 40L
Best For Long Trips – Nomatic Travel Bag V2 40L


  • Size: 40L
  • Weight: 4.6lbs
  • Electronics Compartment: 16″ Laptop
  • Trip Length: 3-7 days


The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag V2 is perfect for the digital nomad who needs something bigger when on longer nomadic adventures. This bag is ideal for those who go on trips that span over a week or more because it has plenty of space and organization to store everything you’ll need. It has a TSA-approved laptop sleeve, external water bottle pockets, and a ventilated shoe compartment. Additionally, this bag will fit in the overhead bin of most airlines without taking up too much space. This makes it ideal for those digital nomads who need plenty of room but want to avoid carrying around large bulky bags. The 20+ internal mesh pockets and its full-opening zipper design make it easy to locate and organize all your belongings. The Nomatic 40L Travel Bag V2 is perfect for digital nomads who need a bag that can take them on long trips without being too heavy or bulky. With its sleek design, durable construction, and thoughtful compartments, this bag will make any nomad’s long trip a breeze. It is one of the best nomad backpacks available on the market today. Purchase this bag, and you won’t be disappointed!



How to Choose the Perfect Nomad Backpack?

When choosing a digital nomad backpack, consider the following critical features. The bag should be lightweight yet durable enough to protect your belongings from the elements and impacts of travel. It should also be spacious enough to accommodate all of your gear, including laptops, tablets, and other tech accessories. Additionally, look for internal and external pockets for easy organization, adjustable straps for comfort, and a laptop sleeve that can fit up to 16″ laptops. Most of all, the pack should be carry-on compliant for easy travel.

Carry on Compliant

When choosing the size of their travel pack, digital nomads should choose a carry-on backpack they can take on the plane. The perfect bag should be pairable with a suitcase for easy travel.


A travel backpack should use durable materials. Nylon D300 or D400 are ideal; they are strong, tear resistant, and lightweight. Polyester is also durable, but it’s usually heavier than nylon. For extra waterproof protection, choose Cordura fabric.


The right backpack will have comfortable shoulder straps and a good hip belt to distribute the weight evenly. Adjustable and padded straps help to reduce strain on your back, neck, and shoulders.


Digital nomads should choose a lightweight travel pack. This makes it easier to use for carry-on and less stress on your back when carrying it long distances.

Electronics Storage

A digital nomad bag should have a protected laptop sleeve and space for a tablet, power banks, and USB cables. RFID-blocking technology pockets are also a good safety feature to have.


Good organization is the epitome of a good travel backpack. Many nomad backpack options include compression straps and packing cubes to organize your gear.

Storage Capacity

Storage capacity will depend on the nomad’s individual needs. A range of 20-30L, like the Nomatic travel bag, is usually more than enough for digital nomad backpacks. Still, those who want to carry more items, such as cameras, would be better served by a larger bag like the Nomatic 40L Travel Bag V2.

If you want a more compact backpack that can double as an everyday bag, consider the Tropicfell Nest, which is ideal for urban use.


When traveling abroad, it’s essential to consider how secure your travel backpack is. Features like hidden pockets, lockable zippers, and RFID-blocking technology can give digital nomads peace of mind while they travel.


A travel pack should be waterproof with water-resistant zippers. Electronics should be protected from the elements to keep your devices safe and dry. While a backpack cannot be completely waterproof, a good travel backpack will protect your belongings from rain and splashes.

Hiking Backpack

Most travel bags are for easy carry-on and storage; a hiking backpack prioritizes comfort for heavy loads and long distances. Look for models with adjustable straps, hip belts, and cushioned back panels.


Digital nomad backpacks range in price between $100 – $400, and weighing your needs versus the bag’s cost is essential. Expect to pay more if you need a durable, multipurpose bag with multiple uses – city and outdoor trips.

Ultimately digital nomads should choose a backpack that best fits their needs and travel style. Whether it’s a nomad backpack for carry-on, hiking, or everyday use, digital nomads should select one that fits their budget and offers the features they need to stay organized and secure.


What is the overall best digital nomad travel backpack?

The best travel backpack for digital nomads is the Nomatic Travel Bag V2. It offers the perfect balance of organization, durability, weight, and weatherproofing for digital nomads on the go.

Are digital nomad backpacks carry-on compliant?

Yes! Most backpacks for digital nomads can be carry-on luggage. Look for a backpack that is within the regulations for your airline’s carry-on requirements.

How much capacity do digital nomad backpacks typically have?

Most backpacks for digital nomads have a capacity of 20-30L. However, some packs are available as large as 40L. Choose the size that best fits your needs and travel style.

Are digital nomad backpacks suitable for hiking?

Yes, you can use some nomad backpacks for outdoor adventures. Look for adjustable shoulder straps and good waist strap to maximize comfort. Additionally, nomad packs with built-in weatherproofing are ideal for outdoor travel. The Osprey Fairpoint and Fairview packs are suitable for hiking and travel.

Do nomad backpacks come with security features?

Yes! Many nomad bags have RFID-blocking pockets, lockable zippers, and hidden compartments. Choose a backpack that offers the best security features for your needs.

Final Thoughts

Digital nomads need the right gear to stay organized, safe, and comfortable during their travels. A nomad backpack is an essential piece of equipment for digital nomads on the go, so consider your needs before purchasing. Look for a pack that offers good storage capacity, excellent organization, security features, and weatherproofing to keep your belongings safe and dry. With the right nomad backpack, digital nomads can take on their next adventure with confidence and style.

See you on the road!

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