Driving 4K Traffic and 31% Increase in Bookings

Case Study 4K Increase in Traffic 60K in Business

Client Background:

Based in Japan, this ski school focuses on high-end ski lessons and guided tours. With an average annual revenue of [insert average annual revenue], the team comprises [insert number of employees], ensuring tailored experiences.

The school’s marketing strategy leverages both organic website traffic and strategic B2B relationships with travel agents, with website bookings accounting for 30% of their annual revenue.

Challenges and Goals:

The ski school’s operation heavily relies on SEO for driving website traffic, which is crucial for their business. Previous instances of ranking drops had a substantial negative effect on both bookings and leads, emphasizing the significance of maintaining consistent visibility in search results. Despite engaging an SEO expert in the past to address these challenges, their attempts were not fruitful, highlighting the complexities they faced in achieving sustainable SEO success.

Furthermore, the ski school operates within a fiercely competitive niche, where 2 – 3 competitors are vying for the same market share. This intensified the need for a strategic approach to stand out and secure a prominent position in a crowded landscape.


The primary goal for the ski school was to establish a robust and reliable SEO strategy that maintained consistent rankings. By addressing past challenges, they aim to mitigate the impact of ranking drops on bookings and leads, ensuring a steady flow of potential customers.

Additionally, the school aims to position itself effectively within the competitive niche. Through strategic SEO and marketing efforts, they aim to differentiate themselves and secure a notable share of the target market, enabling sustained growth despite the competitive landscape.

Services Provided:

  1. Competitor Analysis: A thorough evaluation of both local direct and indirect competitors was conducted to identify untapped opportunities within the niche. This analysis played a pivotal role in refining the ski school’s strategic approach.
  2. SEO Strategy Development: A comprehensive market strategy was crafted to position the ski school as an authority within the broader Japanese skiing market. This strategy involved pinpointing high- and medium-potential keywords within the niche, facilitating increased traffic, and establishing the school’s expertise.
  3. SERP Domination Strategy: A strategic plan was formulated to secure dominance within search engine results pages (SERPs). This involved meticulous targeting of top positions across supporting pages, leveraging listicle sites to amplify the ski school’s visibility.
  4. Guest Posting Strategy: A systematic approach to building site authority was implemented through an effective guest posting strategy. The ski school’s reputation and online presence were fortified by strategically collaborating with authoritative platforms.
  5. On-Page SEO Enhancement: Key high-value pages underwent meticulous updates and optimization in line with best on-page SEO practices. These enhancements were instrumental in improving search rankings and user engagement.
  6. Content Creation: Content gaps were identified and addressed by creating targeted articles centered around high-value keywords. These articles were strategically designed to attract relevant traffic and bolster the ski school’s expertise.


The outcomes of these efforts were nothing short of remarkable. Over the span of just 4 months, a staggering 4K increase in website traffic was achieved, driving substantial business growth amounting to a 31% increase in bookings

Notably, the newly developed content and enhanced pages played a pivotal role, accounting for an impressive 80% of all organic traffic on the site traffic. Consistently securing the top-ranking positions, these pieces of content have solidified the ski school’s online presence and dominance.

Client Testimonial:

“Mike has been fantastic, consistently delivering unique, quality content in keeping with our company voice and branding. Mike always took the time to explain, educate, and keep me up to date on the overall strategy that he created to achieve our goals – which ultimately led to the biggest traffic increase we have seen to date. With website traffic at an all-time high, our bookings were 31% higher than any previous year. Above all, Mike is an integral human whom I wholeheartedly trust with the inner workings of our online presence.”


This case study illustrates the impactful results of strategic SEO solutions for a small ski school. We created a comprehensive SEO strategy to overcome challenges tied to online visibility and intense competition. Through competitor analysis, targeted content creation, and dominating SERPs, we repositioned the school as an authority.

The outcomes were substantial—a 4K traffic surge in 4 months, resulting in a 31% increase in traffic. Optimized content played a crucial role, comprising 80% of organic traffic. This success underscores the effectiveness of a tailored SEO approach, demonstrating the potential for businesses to thrive through digital excellence.

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